Custom land/sea evacuation vehicles

To allow you evacuate safely in case of major event, Bünkl has designed hardened land and sea vehicles, fully equipped with rugged equipment dedicated to CBRN threats.

These hardened vehicles are prepared to quickly get you out of a dangerous situation while offering unprecedented level of equipment for civilian vehicles. Thanks to an innovative balistic coating, our vehicles minimize injuries from explosion shrapnel  and firearm bullet fragments. This extremely tough and durable protective coat resists to abrasion and chemical attacks.

Windows are protected by grids and film to protect your family from possible outside attacks, thieves and vandals. Our vehicles have an extended fuel autonomy allowing you to reach a secure area without having to stop. Their great crossing capacity allows them to easily overcome uneven terrain, strewn with debris or flooded. They can be completed with NBRC filtration and all personal protective equipment against CBRN risks.

Examples of equipment :

Engine & transmission

  • 8mm N4 off-road aluminum engine guard
  • N4 6mm aluminum fuel tank protection
  • 6mm N4 Offroad aluminum gearbox protection
  • ADblue aluminum N4 8mm tank pad
  • High air intake (Snorkel)

Chassis & tires

  • Raised and reinforced chassis
  • Runflat puncture-resistant all-terrain tyres


  • Ballistic exterior paint

Outdoor equipment

  • Hi-Lift Jack
  • Additional LED light roof rail
  • LED front headlights
  • Gallery Kit
  • Sand shovel
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Double jerry can holder
  • Non-slip steps
  • Underbody protection
  • Additional fuel tanks

Interior equipment

  • Box drawer with sliding tray
  • Watertight boxes
  • Complete bivouac equipment

Bivouac equipment

  • Gallery mounted shower enclosure
  • Camping chair
  • Storage bag
  • Kitchen utensil set for camping
  • Camping table kit
  • Extended shelf life non-perishable food
  • Emergency water kit
  • 50 liter water tank

Safety equipment

  • Protective grilles outside the windshield
  • Anti-burglary glass treatment
  • Winch 4500Kg 12 synthetic rope
  • Kevlar internal splinter protection

CBRN Equipment

  • CBRN Suits
  • CBRN Escape Hoods
  • Butyl gloves and boots
  • Decontamination products
  • CBRN filtration plant

Signalling equipment

  • Flares
  • Smokes
  • Emergency radios
  • LED beacons
  • Chemical luminous markers
Véhicule d’évacuation

Reinforced self-supporting sidewall tires

Doesn’t fear roads littered with sharp debris

Upper air intake (Snorkel)

Water protection of the intake, protection of the ignition system for crossing flooded areas.

Waterproof storage boxes

Floatable and watertight hardcases in reinforced fiberglass for a quickly identified organization: repair, signaling, IFAK, CBRN equipment…

Hybrid polyurethane ballistic paint

Ballistic protection against fragments caused by an explosion or the impact of a firearm projectile. Strength in the DNA!

High performance LED light bar

Reduced consumption, exceptional power, visibility in the darkest conditions!

Metallic shields

Much more than an attribute of virility, real armor.

Raised guard, reinforced chassis

Extreme reinforcements in extruded aluminum to increase torsional rigidity and protect vital organs.

Burglar-resistant glazing

Delays break-ins/intrusion, protects occupants, 20-year lifespan, EN 356 compliant

Example of customized vehicule

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